Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Re-purpose : Re-use

Hello everyone,

In the class on Tuesday, September 29 we looked around near the border of College Hill neighborhood. There is a lot of industrial activity in this area. The Wafco Mill company is located here and some older industrial buildings too. Also apartment buildings and a part of Greensboro College are located here.

The Wafco Mill complex used to be a factory building. You can notice this by looking at the description on the building, but also by looking at the material the building is made of (brick) and the multiple, large windows. In this way the company could reduce the costs of electricity. Since College Hill is so close to the the campus of both UNC Greensboro and Greensboro College, it is the perfect type of building to turn into an apartment complex for students of one or both colleges.
There is a railroad track next to the building. It is not in use anymore. I think its purpose was to deliver corn and grain to the factory. That must have been an easy way of transportation. Why is not possible to re-use this railroad track and make it a transportation opportunity for students and residents with several stops on the way.
There is also an old big brick building that used to work as a factory of a certain company. In my opinion the building is too old to re-use it, but the property is suitable for a parking lot. I think there are not enough parking lots in College Hill and this property is located very close to the apartment complex Fulton Place. I heard that there are is not enough parking space on and around Fulton Place, so in my opinion this is the opportunity to create a new parking lot.

There are already a few apartment buildings built on the sides of the big streets in College Hill (for example Mendenhall Street).

Another thing that attracted my attention but has not much to do with this assignment, is that sometimes houses in the same row all have very different colors. It looks very nice. It seems like the houses incorporate different pieces of the neighborhood.

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  1. i wouldn't necessarily say that a parking lot would be the ultimate use for the property.