Monday, September 28, 2009

Side streets & back alley's

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Last week we looked at the main streets in the College Hill neighborhood: Mendenhall Street and Tate Street. Now it is time to discuss the side streets, such as Carr, Rankin, Walker, and McGee, and back alley's. At the class of Thursday, September 24 we discover a few things that attracted our/my attention.

The side streets have very different features compared to the main streets in this neighborhood. First of all it became obvious to me that the scale of the houses of the backstreets is smaller. I think people who can afford a little less live here.

We discovered two types of houses. The first type contains the Queen houses. They are also on Mendenhall Street. These houses were built in the 1910's during the Victorian Period. Most of the times the material used for those houses is shingle. The second type of houses in the neighborhood is Bungalow houses. Most houses of this type have a flat roof and are made of brick. We couldn't discover any kind of circels in them. This type is characteristic for the houses that were built in the 1920's. The first picture is an example of a bungalow. It is called a Craftsman style house.
On Carr Street we discovered some kind of storage building or garage. That is a stack. It was really different from the other houses in the street. That made that it attracted our attention while walking down the street. Further down the street was a house that was shaped as a block. It must have been built recently and is an example of an infill. We all agreed that it is a very ugly building, so you'd better don't look at the picture for too long. There is also a very big apartment complex in this neighborhood, mainly for students. There are approximately 45 apartments. It is an example of an infill, because there were houses on this place before. The next picture shows a fence that indicates the end/edge/border of the neighborhood. I consider this as a front, to refer to Clay's vocabulary. In my opinion it is also good to tell you that the streets in the side streets used to be made of brick. You can still see that when you look at the driveways. By the way, in the side streets are a lot more driveways than on the main streets. All side streets are turned into brick now. Furthermore, it attracted our attention that on this side of campus there is zone-permit parking (maximum of two hours). The main streets have a few more parking spaces than these side streets.

Bungalow in Craftsman style

Storage building

The ugly infill house

The big apartment complex

The fence (front)

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  1. good posting, timion. some nice observations and conclusions for college hill.