Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tracing the tracks : Opening the gates

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In the class of Tuesday, October 27 we visited the Galyon Depot. This is the train station of Greensboro and it is a place for bus departure.

The train is very important to the city of Greensboro. Mister Morehead was the one who introduced the train to Greensboro and built a railway station. He wanted to make Greensboro known to people from out of town and he wanted to compete with other cities. Greensboro is a (central) connection point in North Carolina, but also in the whole east coast. Greensboro is called the Gate City. The place where trains stop is the "gate" in the city. The train was most important in the past, because it was actually the only transportation method if you wanted to travel long distances. Cars didn't exist back in those times (around 1900's/1910's). The Depot consists of two parts: an old and a new part. In the older part there are nice, big rooms for passengers and everything looks classic. I heard that there was still segregation in the Depot a couple of decades ago. There were separate waiting rooms for black and white people. The newer part of the Depot, which is linked to the older part, is currently a bus departure station. That is the back entrance. In the future, the train can become very important again, when the gas prices will probably be extremely high. The train will be a lot cheaper then and it is also better for the environment ("greener"), which will be a big issue in the future.

The following link is the website with the flight schedule to Piedmont Triad International Airport:

A lot of immigrants come to North Carolina each year to live and work. The airport and railway stations in Guilford County are important gateways for immigrants. The following websites are places in Greensboro with a non-Western European culture embedded in them.

Greensboro Cultural Center:

UNC Greensboro:

La Hacienda Restaurante Mexicano:

African American Atelier:

P.F Chang's China Bistro:

The Interstate system is also a main gateway to the Triad. If I look at the map of Guilford County, I see three Interstates that come through Guilford County: 85, 40, and 73. It helps Greensboro to become a big city with a lot of businesses. It is easy to travel to Greensboro by car.

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