Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neighborhood survey College Hill

Hello everybody,

On Tuesday, September 15 we went to College Hill to do a survey of this neighborhood. We surveyed on Tate Street.

In this neighborhood there are limited types of houses in terms of form. It looked like there was a significant difference according to the shape of houses between the part of Tate Street within the crosses with Walker and Carr en the part of Tate Street within the crosses with Carr and Rankin/Market.
It was interesting to see that all houses have a front porch, but just a few have a side porch. Furthermore, almost all houses have a front door with a light in them. There are not many wooden window screens used, mostly metal storm windows. Almost none of the windows have shutters. Approximately half of the houses have driveways. The ones that have no driveway are often situated on some kind of hill or on a close distance to their neighbors. Besides, most of the houses have one mailbox, but there is also a pretty big amount of them without mailbox or with more boxes. When it has more mailboxes, I think it indicates that it is a apartment where a few people live separate from each other. Every house has a front yard, but not all have foundation planting. Most of the yards have shade trees in it; especially on the first part of Tate Street there almost all yards have one or more. Most of the times the materials that are used are siding for the biggest part and wood trim for the edges (strengthening of the building). The use of wood trim on edges says something about the architecture of the house in terms of the presentation: horizontal or vertical.

I think I can conclude from this survey that most people who live in this neighborhood are college students and maybe a few faculty members of UNCG. I base this statement not only on the fact that it is close to campus, but also because there are many appartments in this street. I don't think there live a lot of families, because I didn't notice playgrounds in the front yards at all.

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